How To Calculate Materials For Brick Flat Soling

In this post, you’ll learn how to calculate materials for brick flat soling.

There are two types of brick soling – Flat soling and Edge soling.

In buildings, flat soling is mostly used.

So, I’ll show you the process of calculating Bricks and Sand for flat soling.

Before that, let’s see…

How To Measure Brick Flat Soling

Brick flat soling is normally applied to foundations and ground level.

And it’s measured in square feet or square meters.

Let’s see brick flat soling in a foundation bed:

Brick Flat Soling

From the image, you can calculate the quantity of flat soling.

The formula is,

= Length × Width

= 10′ × 10′

= 100 square feet.

How To Calculate The Number Of Bricks Required For Flat Soling?

For flat soling, we only need two materials – Brick and Sand.

Let’s see how to calculate the number of bricks.

For that:

First, Calculate The Area Of A Brick In Flat Soling.

Size of a brick in flat soling

And that is,

= 9¾″ × 4¾″

= 46.31 square inches

Or, 0.32 square feet.

[NOTE: In brick soling, bricks are laid as close as possible. We can assume that the gap between bricks is ¼″.]

Now, Calculate The Required Number Of Bricks.

The formula is,

= Area of flat soling ÷ Area of a brick

= 100 ÷ 0.32

= 312 nos

How To Calculate The Required Sand Quantity?

For that:

First, Calculate The Volume Of The Flat Soling

The formula is,

= Area of the flat soling × Thickness of the flat soling

Thickness of a single layer flat soling

= 100 × 2¾″

= 22.90 cubic feet. [2¾″ = 0.2292′]

Next, Calculate The Volume Of A Brick.

Standard Size of a brick

= 9½″ × 4½″ × 2¾″

= 117.56 cubic inches

Or, 0.06 cubic feet.

After That, Calculate The Volume Of The Total Required Bricks.

The formula is,

= Volume of a brick × Number of required bricks

= 0.06 × 312

= 18.72 cubic feet.

Finally, Get The Quantity Of Required Sand.

The formula is,

= Volume of the flat soling – Volume of the total required bricks

= 22.92 – 18.72

= 4.20 cubic feet.


  • Brick flat soling = 100 square feet.
  • Bricks = 312 Nos
  • Sand = 4.20 cubic feet.

But, for easy calculation, we count the required materials for 100 square feet of flat soling:

  • Brick = 300 Nos,
  • Sand = 5 cubic feet.

And, I found this correct.

A Quick Way To Calculate Materials For Flat Soling

For one square foot of flat soling, we require:

  • Brick = 300 ÷ 100 = 3 Nos
  • Sand = 5 ÷ 100 = 0.05 cubic feet.

With that, you can now calculate materials for any quantity of brick flat soling.

Let’s say, you want to know the required materials for 500 square feet of flat soling.

For that:

  • Brick = 3 × 500 = 1500 nos
  • Sand = 0.05 × 500 = 25 cubic feet.

That’s it.

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